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Quality Assurance

It is the policy of Chugach to be able to monitor and maximize quality and provide an environment that is specifically tailored to yield an end product which experience and study have shown result in the best quality, highest productivity, and greatest value for the customer. This environment includes the following:

a. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that emphasize quality.

  1. Initial Product Quality. This involves "Initial Defect Removal" and doing the job right the first time to avoid the higher cost of fixing mistakes. It may even involve something as simple as accurately inspecting products, comparing products to stated requirements, conducting automated testing, etc. It also involves "Initial Defect Prevention," or simplifying complexity to reduce the tendency for human error.
  2. Continuous Process Improvement. Chugach avoids doing things the way they have always been done and is committed to a program of continuously looking for a better way, a way that provides better value to the customer. This is a way of life integrated into all processes.
  3. Formally Documented Task Procedures. All key SOPs will be formally documented to eliminate the guesswork. This takes more time initially, but results in improved productivity and considerable time savings after the initial investment.

b. Sound Management, which is critical to attracting and keeping competent technical and support employees. Employee’s talents and backgrounds will be carefully matched to job requirements, as this is one of the greatest contributors to high productivity. Our organization minimizes the number of supervisors and/or lead personnel that any one person has, thus reducing the amount of communications required and, again, resulting in higher productivity.

c. Competent Technical Staff well matched to the job requirements. The technical staff will be specifically tailored to the job requirements, so that they are prepared to perform their work in a competent and professional manner. This is the most productive situation and also provides the best value to the customer.

d. Competent Support Staff with the proper mix of capabilities. Highly qualified specialists will be provided in several areas as needed, including program management, engineering, maintenance support, testing, software development, analysis, systems administration, configuration management, logistics, and documentation. The proper mix of these specialists will result in a very productive managerial and technical staff.

e. Physical Environment conducive to high morale. This includes providing a well organized working environment which thereby contributes to productivity as well as adequate conference, storage, and other specialized space as needed.

f. Automated Tools and Processes. This includes an adequate mix of computers, peripherals, and associated software, as well as specialized automated processes designed to increase productivity.

Task Orders | Technical Instructions | Team Breadth & Depth | Chugach Team & Contact | Quality Assurance
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